How It Works Let’s get you started in two minutes!

Our service lets your visitors convert your webpages including the content they filled in on the forms on your page, with just a simple click on a link. In order to get such a link you have to just add two lines to the webpage.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<a onclick="pdfmyform(this);" href="#">PDF this page!</a>

The first line is an include of our JavaScript, which you can put anywhere on your page and the second is the actual link to our service, which you put where you want your visitors to click and you can style that link anyway you want.

That’s all you need! Now whenever a visitor clicks on that link, our service will get the page and the contents of the form fields and will send it back to the visitor as a PDF.

Setting Conversion Options Modify the way your PDF looks!

If you have signed up for a Paid Plan then you will be able to control many conversion settings to make sure the PDF looks exactly the way you want it. First of all you can set many default settings like page format, margins, header & footer in the members area and also you can control the settings for each link to our service.

If you want to override your default conversions, all you need to do is to add the parameters to the link. Your link would then look something like this:

<a onclick="pdfmyform(this, parameters);" href="#">PDF this page!</a>


Suppose you would like to convert your page to a single page PDF, which is 300mm wide and has filename ‘mycoolform.pdf’. In that case you would change the link to the following.

<a onclick="pdfmyform(this, {width:'300', unit:'mm', filename:'mycoolform.pdf'});" href="#">PDF this page!</a>

That’s all there is too it! Just make sure you use single quotes instead of double quotes for the parameter values – so ‘ instead of “.

List of settings

Below is the full list of settings, which you can override with JavaScript code like above.

filenameFilename for the PDF
orientationCan be either landscape or portrait
widthCustom width of the PDF
heightCustom height of the PDF, if you specify the width, but not the height, then we fit the whole page into a one page PDF by auto-adjusting the height of the PDF.
leftLeft margin
rightRight margin
topTop margin
bottomBottom margin
unitUnit for size & margin settings. Can be ‘mm’ (millimeters), ‘in’ (inches) or ‘pt’ (points). We’ll use mm in case you don’t specify a unit.
cmtSet the CSS media type so you can influence better how your content is converted to PDF. We currently support the values print and screen. If you don’t specify one, we take the one you’ve set in the members area. The default there is screen.
See w3schools for more information on CSS media types.


You can see our functionality in action, by visiting the Demo Page. This should give you an even better idea of how it works and how to use our service.

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