Frequently Asked Questions Please reach out if you don’t find the answer you need.

What does this service do?

PDF my form allows you to put a link on webpages with a HTML form so your visitors can click it to get a PDF of that page, complete with the data they filled in on the form.

This can be any form that you want them to be able to store as PDF. It could be a quotation form, an order page, a price calculation, a questionnaire, a test or any other form that allows your visitor to fill in data.

How do I use it?

Using it is very easy. For basic usage you just add one line of JavaScript to your webpage and you then put a link to our service on any part of the page. Have a look at our How It Works section for the full details or the Demo page to see our service in action.

Is it free?

We offer a free plan for personal use with limitations. It allows you to use a small monthly maximum of conversions, but you will NOT be able to influence any conversion settings. Also, your PDFs will be branded with our logo and information and therefore we advise you to Sign Up for a paid plan if you want to use our service for business purposes.

Can I also convert pages without forms to PDF?

Yes, our service converts any webpage to PDF. Please note that we offer a service at that is geared towards letting your visitors save regular webpages as PDF with one click. If you don’t need to have form content converted, then that service offers the same quality at a better price.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, although most basic and advanced forms will work great with our service, there are some limitations. This is because our rendering engine visits your webpage, fills in the data that was passed to it by the JavaScript you installed, and sets the values of the fields as they were passed.

Because of this, you need to take the following things into account:

  • The total amount of data you can pass to our site is (in practice) limited to approximately 2000 characters. This is more than enough for almost any form, unless you have a lot of fields with freely entered text.
  • All fields, that you want us to fill, must be part of a form.
  • All fields will be filled by us in the sequence that they appear in the document. If you trigger events on certain fields (for example to show new content or to set other field values), then these will only work on the checkbox, radio and select fields as we trigger a click event on those fields to fill them. We do NOT trigger any other events on any other fields like e.g. key events on input fields.
  • Select option lists, which allow multiple selections, can not have more than 32 options.
  • We can not convert your webpages if they are not directly accessible on the internet. If your pages are in a members area or otherwise protected, then this service is not for you. We might be able to help you otherwise, so feel free to contact us to get a quote.
Can I also convert to an Adobe fillable form?

No, currently we do NOT support the creation of fillable PDF documents.

Which rendering engine do you use and do you support CSS and JavaScript?

We use Webkit as our rendering engine and it supports CSS and full JavaScript. It is used in major web browsers such as Safari and Chrome and is widely regarded as one of the best rendering engines for webpages. If you are styling your pages with CSS then please make sure to use Webkit compatible CSS to make sure your pages are converted as they should be.

Why does your PDF look different than what I see in my Internet Explorer?

Well, as the previous answer says – We use Webkit as our rendering engine. Internet Explorer is not really the best of browsers and it doesn’t support HTML standards as other major browsers do (in our opinion). You won’t see placeholders in the input fields for example. So – therefore you might notice that some things are a little bit different than what you see on your screen. Again – if you want to prevent that, make sure to use WebKit CSS styling.

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