About Us What & who makes us tick!

How It All Began

A great service called HTM2PDF was started in 2008, at the domain name htm2pdf.co.uk. Quietly it was converting thousands of web pages a day into PDF and just minding its own business, acquiring thousands of links from websites all over the world. In 2012 we acquired the site and its assets, upgraded servers and added a ton of features, which you can find at the htm2pdf website.

In 2012 we also identified the one major limitation in all web based HTML to PDF converters and that was, that they could only convert a web page as you first encounter it – that is without the user entered content.

Enter pdfmyform.com ….

Our Philosophy

PDFmyform.com was started as a separate service to make it easier for businesses to allow their visitors to store their web forms WITH THEIR OWN FILLED-IN content. They can normally only do this by submitting the form, using the submitted data to create a page exactly as the user saw it and then convert that to PDF. That’s quite a lot of work – especially if you have a lot of forms on your website.

Our core goal is to make this process easier and more reliable for those websites. We want you to be up and running in 2 minutes and we want you to rely on the fact that we convert your webpages to PDF professionally and accurately. We want you to be able to control the layout as you want it and we want your users to have a hassle free experience.

We believe in ease-of-use, transparency and continuous improvement. Please rest assured that all our services come with a 100% money back guarantee and that we will do our utmost to make sure you’ll never need anything else.

99.9% Uptime // Free upgrade assistence // Royal Class Support // Free and paid plans available // Let us convert your forms to PDF today!